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About Us

“Evidence-based policy,” the use of experimental and statistical evidence to improve the effectiveness of public policies and programs, represents a growing focus of governments, nonprofits, and the academic community. The Andrew Young School of Policy Studies has a substantial and unique talent base in this area, as indicated by its Number 18 ranking in the field of “policy analysis” in the U.S. News and World Report’s respected rankings of more than 250 Public Affairs programs.  We have experts in quantitative impact analyses using experimental and non-experimental designs, and we have experts in the development of public performance management systems who have close relationships with decision makers. Both are essential for identifying the “what” and the “how” of policy design and implementation.

As part of the Second-Century Initiative, Georgia State University created the Workshop on Evidence-Based policy within the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies to create a focal point for research and outreach to promote policy-oriented research that will support policymaking based on high-quality evidence.  Three senior scholars, Tim Sass and Michael Price in Economics and William Pridemore in Criminal Justice/Criminology, were hired as part of the Second Century Initiative in order to enhance the Andrew Young School’s existing base of scholars and serve as a core leadership team for the new Workshop.

As a hub of energy and activity, the Workshop will bring together faculty and center researchers to catalyze interdisciplinary inquiry in evidence-based policy. By providing leadership, high-profile colloquia and lecture series, and an institutional umbrella for research working groups and visiting faculty and graduate students, the Workshop will serve as a catalyst for increasing the engagement and raising the international profile of the Andrew Young School and Georgia State in solving society’s most pressing problems.